Sunday, January 30, 2005

The Wages Of Sin Is Death

Sleaze Sex Paperback Authors: How They Died

Lynn Munroe writes:

Bill Knoles, who loved parties and people, was alone. Bill Knoles, who hated the cold, was alone on Cape Cod, freezing in December. Sometime on December 20, William Henley Knoles put his pocket money and Social Security card on a table. He took a warm bath. In the bathtub he slashed his throat open with a razor blade. He bled to death.

Miriam Linna writes:

Ron [Haydock] was last seen alive on August 12, 1977. He met that day with [Ray Dennis] Steckler, who had relocated his film operations to Las Vegas. Ray recalls Ron being obnoxious and out-of-control. When he drove him to the airport, he assumed Ron would fly back to Hollywood. Instead, disoriented and wobbling, he began hitchhiking home. He was struck in the wee hours by a semi truck, and was killed instantly.

Brittany A. Daley writes:

Gene Bilbrew [African-American]...[was] reputed to have had an an insatiable appetite for drugs and alcohol, and a penchant for white women... By 1974, Bilbew was so destitute that he was living in the back room of one of Eddy Mishkin's porn stores. He was still doing artwork... Bilbrew died of a drug the age of 51.