Friday, January 28, 2005

Striking Out With Holocaust Chic

Heartened by the onrushing of Shabbos, I worked up the courage Friday afternoon to ask out a Jewish woman to a screening of Hotel Rwanda. I felt that as Jews it was particularly incumbent upon us to say never again to genocide.
She didn't want to go to the film. She didn't want to see any genocide movies with me.
I asked her how she observed Thursday, the 60th anniversary of the freeing of Auschwitz. She said nothing. So I told her this amusing story about a guy named Fred who felt like he couldn't cheat on his fiance Judy because her parents were Auschwitz survivors.
She didn't laugh.
I asked her if she wanted to see Sideways. She said it was lame.
I would've asked her to Million Dollar Baby, but Michael Medved says that movie promotes mercy killing, and that's bad.
So I wished her gut Shabbos.