Thursday, January 13, 2005

Opening Arguments In Anthony Pellicano's Appeal Thursday

The location: The Richard H. Chambers U.S. Court of Appeals at 125 S Grand Ave, Pasadena 91105; (626) 229-7250, PO Box 91510, Pasadena 91109-1510.

Normally, an appeal like this wouldn't be heard for nine-to-twelve months. This was heard within two, meaning that Pellicano and his counsel called on some powerful connections. Normally there wouldn't be a ruling on this sort of appeal for three months. Again, Pellicano might get one within a month. He gets special treatment because he knows where the bodies are buried.

Pellicano knows that knowledge is power. He used to tape record his own children when they were making what they thought were private calls and use the information to bully and abuse them.

Observer says:
This Donald Re appeal could fly. He has a good point. This prosecutor couldn't figure out the Hobbs Act to charge Alexander Proctor with. If he pulled the search warrant (broad) on Pellicano in bad faith, then it is invalid. If I look for one bit of information on your computer, then everything on it is fair game.

Donald Re is a topflight Ivy League-educated lawyer. That's why all the crooks love him. He shows up and he's the one guy who doesn't look like a sleazeball. Judges like him. He's not crazy guy like Marty Singer. This whole case against Pellicano could go away.

I don't know if The LA Times even had anyone at today's court hearing. The story has become way too inside baseball.

John Connolly is trying to get a book out of Anthony Pellicano. He tried to talk to Pellicano's estranged daughter.

The point of the Pellicano case (by law enforcement and prosecutors) was to get celebrity lawyers such as Bert Fields and Marty Singer indicted. That a private eye did something dirty, so what? This was supposed to be a man-bites-dog story. That top entertainment lawyers were engaged in nefarious activity, that was the bombshell. It sounded good but it hasn't panned out.