Thursday, January 27, 2005

Expanding My Mind Through Rap

I told Craig Taubman the other day that I wanted to review his latest CDs with the exception of his "Celebrate Hip Hop: Jewish Artists From Around The Globe." But Craig insisted that I listen to the rap CD because "even at your age you can grow!" I did and it did. It's my favorite out of five new CDs released by Taubman's company. I find it particularly helpful when I am low on energy. There's a raw disturbing power to this music.
My other favorite CD from Taubman is the music of Friday Night Live, particularly the evening song for peace, Hashkivenu: "Allow us to lie and to rise in peace. Protect us as we enter and as we leave."
I think it is rabbi David Wolpe who writes the liner notes for the CD, including this commentary on the Shema (Hear Oh Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is one): "We cover our eyes for the Shema in part because we wish to focus intently on the meaning of this declaration of faith. We are too easily misled by sight, by the flash and dazzle of the things around us. To listen within is the secret of the soul, and by covering our eyes, we seek to do what the prayer commands - listen, listen to the harmonies of the world, to the stirring of each individual soul."
Other new Craig Taubman CDs include: One Shabbat Morning, Celebrate Yiddish, and Celebrate Klezmer.
As you can tell, I've never written music reviews before (and am failing to do so here). All I can do is write paens to Air Supply.