Monday, January 10, 2005

Seven Trumpets Sound, Comments Cease

Brothers and sisters, I believe that we live at the End of Time.
It is time for you to be silent and for me to speak plainly.
Over the past week, I've rededicated myself to living up to my religion. As such, all things in my life that are incompatible with Torah will be cut away, even the beautiful 20-year old Gentile girls. These incompatible things include the comments section on this blog.
From now on, if you want to publish a comment on my blog, you must email it to me at lukeford at comcast dot net.
I wish this blog to be a place where an Orthodox family can gather around after a hard day at yeshiva and receive some inspiration and laughs that will strengthen them for the difficult days ahead, the birthpangs of the coming of the Messiah.