Monday, January 03, 2005

Anthony Pellicano Getting Early Release From Prison?

I'm hearing that disgraced private investigator Anthony Pellicano will be released from prison January 13, a couple of years early.
I hear there may be some court hearing in Northern California, possibly in Sacramento, to determine if he should be released early.
Pellicano's kids have been saying their father will be getting out on January 13.
It's interesting how the Michael Jackson and Anthony Pellicano dramas run together. The 1993 Chandler case will be significant to the Jackson case today. Pellicano worked for Jackson through early 1994 when Michael fired him.
A source writes:

He was convicted in Los Angeles federal court, I believe, so any early release would be handled by the BOP, or Bureau of Prisons, which is the outfit that manages all of the federal prisons. The hearing would most likely be held at the facility he is currently housed in, and it would be like a parole hearing, which is not a court proceeding per se. There are only a few federal prisons up North. The one that comes to mind is in the San Luis Obispo area. The other is in Boron, out in the desert on
the way to Mammoth.
I am wondering about your information because most federal crimes dictate that you do all or most of the sentence. If he got a three year sentence for instance, and I think he got close to that, he has not served but maybe a year, so unless he rolling over on someone I would be suspicious of an early release particularly with him.
In the state prison system, for most non-violent crimes you do roughly half of your time, but you have to be near the half way mark first.
I think there is something wrong with this info. I think they are getting ready to indict him on far worse charges than he is currently facing. Unless he knows the real location of Jimmy Hoffa, and he may, this still may not be enough to help him.