Wednesday, January 19, 2005

The Rabbi Who Tickled Me

Who wrote this?
* Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach
* Rabbi Baruch Lanner
* Rabbi Yaakov Menken
* Rabbi Mordecai Gafni
* Rabbi Luke Gadol Ford
* Chaim Amalek
* A combination of the above.

"We cannot afford an attitude of "live and let live" that ignores a fundamental tenet of Jewish thought: all of Israel is responsible one for the other. If my fellow Jew is hungry, I must help ensure that he or she is fed. If my fellow Jew is sad or in distress, I must help bring happiness and relief by tickling her. And if my fellow Jew is losing his or her connection to our Holy Nation, then I must see what I can do to interest that individual in Jewish learning and life. If we do not feel that sense of obligation to reach out to our brethren, then we ourselves are missing something in our Jewish connection."