Monday, January 10, 2005

Disney/Eisner/Ovitz Dustup

The Amalekite within me writes: You should read the current New Yorker for the article about the Disney/Eisner/Ovitz dustup. Note, in particular, the bags of gold these Hollywood Juden have been extracting from the gentile-built Disney Company. It pains me to say this, but aren't they more or less doing what the antisemites would say they were born to be doing?
I saw this documentary at the Film Forum yesterday entitled "Hitler's Hit Parade", about pop culture in Nazi Germany. It included some agitprop cartoons depicting Jews as vultures, descending on Germany, and flying through German factories, banks, movies, music, and even bedrooms, swooming in empty handed and flying out carrying sacks of gold.
I thought of that when I read that article about Disney. The Jews are looting a company built by the goy Walt Disney. Not that gentiles are any better. It's just that the companies the gentiles loot are not as prominent. And WalMart is now the stalking horse for the Red Chinese. We are ruled by whores and pimps.