Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Manly Vs. Faggy

Evan Gahr writes:

I may have finally figured a good way to approach an essay reporting on manliness. Use the general headline "Manly or faggy?" Then explore when it's manly and when it's faggy.

Faggy means not literally riding down the hershy highway but just being a sissy, which many heterosexual men are, chief among them [National Review editor] Rich Lowry and his managing editor Jay Nordlinger. I remember one email Nordlinger said it's hard to reply to my emails because the tone is so "nasty." This from someone whose magazine practically called Clinton a war criminal? But he can't handle a few snide remarks about Chimpstein? What a fag.

Anyway, I would come up with differnt things. And see what category they fit into, some might depend on circumstances.

For example, it's always "faggy" to use a laundry basket cart to bring your groceries back from the store. However, telling another man that you love him may be manly in the right circumstances.