Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Detective Seeks Nullification of His Conviction

A source writes: "Well the LA Times once again scoops everyone (not). This piece is remarkable in it's lack of use of both adjectives and adverbs, a style so typically characteristic of this particular newspaper. It also contains a surprising number of real facts, another riveting departure."

By David Rosenzweig, Times Staff Writer
For the last two years, FBI computer specialists have been combing through the equivalent of nearly 2 billion double-spaced pages of text, enough to fill 245 rooms measuring 10-by-12-by-10 feet.
Those computer files were seized during a raid on the Sunset Strip offices of famed private detective Anthony Pellicano. Also confiscated were two hand grenades and a quantity of C4 plastic explosives, resulting in a 30-month federal prison sentence for Pellicano.
Although the contents of the files have not been disclosed, they may be relevant to a pending federal wiretapping probe involving Pellicano, a number of rogue police officers and some big-name entertainment lawyers.
If so, that investigation could be significantly affected when a three-judge panel of the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals decides on a request by Pellicano's lawyers to declare the search illegal, suppress the seized evidence and overturn his conviction.
A hearing is set for Thursday in Pasadena, but any ruling could be months away.