Sunday, February 21, 2016

Does Government Prodding Tempt Muslims Into Committing Terrorism?

Comments to Steve Sailer:

* “The focus of the article is on the danger of the government convicting somebody who isn’t much of a threat to commit terrorism. There’s another side of the coin, of course, but that goes unmentioned: the possibility of the government prodding somebody into actually committing terrorism.”

I wonder if the Bomb-Brothers were not an instance of this. Perhaps the FBI tried to recruit them for a fake bomb-plot, but did not realize that they were smart enough to initiate a real one. They (the Tsarnaev’s, I mean) might have also realized they were being played and thought it would be an amusing joke to play on the Feds. That scenario might explain what seemed to be a bunch of Craft security personnel hanging around that day, as well as the suspicious death of Ibrahim Todashev.

Regarding the federal fake terror-plot campaign, one should also not discount simple careerism. I would assume that both in the FBI and in the DoJ (so-called) making successful cases is a metric for promotion. GS-14s for everyone!

* A policy of bombing fewer Muslim countries and letting fewer Muslim potential bombers in to live in America would allow America to safely employ fewer of these agents provocateur.

That’s common sense and it’s not allowed!

* It’s a small step from this to agents deliberately cultivating losers into fanatics and then sending them on their way like missiles to their targets…or airplanes into buildings…

But that’s conspiracy, and we know that doesn’t happen.