Thursday, January 13, 2005

Evan Gahr Gets Peter Beinart On The Phone

Evan Gahr writes:

Luke, I finally got Precious Peter on the phone regarding his conduct, which in my opinion, is far worse than the stuff which cost Dan Rather and co their jobs. In my opinion, it is worse than what cost Stephen Glass his job as well.

Glass lied about, among other things, computer hackers. Precious published lies on behalf of Jewish accessories to Christian anti-Semitism, in my opinion.

(Previous Evan Gahr piece on The New Republic.)

Finally, reached on the telephone this week, Beinart was asked if he planned to make Frank Foer the magazine's new fiction editor. "I'm not talking to you, Evan. [click]."
Fine, Petey, don't talk to me.
Talk to Monique Breindel, Eric's sister.
Talk to Ellie Wiesel.
Talk to Daniel Goldhagen.
Talk to Ruth Wisse.
Talk to Esther Jungreis "the Rebetzin " and"Jewish Billy Graham" who survived
Someone should talk to Jon Chait. Perhaps his editors outside TNR.
Considering the stuff below why should they trust assertions in his freelance pieces.
--Lies beget lies. Foer covered for Hudson. Jon Chait then covered for Foer.
Writing for "the editors" in response to a letter from David Horowitz that claimed "Gahr" is not really conservative, Chait gave a brief synopsis of Mr.
Gahr's employment history but left out the trifling detail that he had just been
fired by the Hudson Institute and blacklisted by AEI apparently under pressure from the White House. Chait "explained" that Mr. Gahr is as conservative as they come "having worked" for conservative foundations. He omitted why Mr. Gahr didn't work for these foundations any longer, namely the White House purge.
Having worked for?
Chait does not explain why Mr. Gahr no longer works for these foundations.
This sentence has all the accuracy of saying "Jane Cooke is about as much an
expert on child heroin addiction as they come, having done front page stories
on the topic for the Washington Post."
In legal proceedings witnesses pledge to tell the "whole truth." Chait told only part of the truth. What is that called if done under oath? Perjury?
Perjury cases are rarely prosecuted because the lies don't necessarily have
consequence. Chait's did, however, If TNR had told the truth that might have led other publications to follow-up on the story, and further embarrassed Hudson and the White House. Instead, thanks for Jon boy Karl Rove escaped scrutiny for instigating an anti-Semitic purge. Hudson too. The right-wing think tank Hudson certainly must have been grateful for this free ride. How might they have repaid that debt of gratitude?
--TNR foreign affairs writer Lawrence "the girl" Kaplan has since landed a gig with Hudson as senior fellow. Freedom of association is all well and good. But Kaplan who won't give out his number to just anyone. Sound familiar? What is he some kind of girl?-- apparently Hudson lawyer Bob Brame illegally bar this journalist from Hudson luncheons and other such events that are otherwise open to the public.
Linda Chavez among others, say that the edict is a prima facie violation of public accommodation laws, federal and local. As one of the keynote speakers for a Hudson lunch later this month, Chaplain leaves TNT and himself vulnerable to lawsuits because he is no longer a bit player in the illegal edict. He's responsible for it.
Anyway, Kaplan, and by extension TNR, has quite a unique lawyer. Brame long served, I kid you not, on the board of a fanatical Christian group that is on record in support of capital punishment for homosexuals caught in the act.
They do, however, require two witnesses.
Gee, what civil libertarians. No stoning without due process. Suppose there's a tie? Who breaks it? Do they have some kind of Sodomy Supreme Court? Just who are the witnesses? Who gets that job? Low man on the church totem pole?
Brame's junior law firm associates?
This is not a joke and the unwillingness of TNR to rebuke "the girl" for collusion with bible-banging bigots, in my opinion, is quite, well, queer.
According to ADL material, the group, American Vision is not too crazy about
blacks or Jews either.
Look out, Bayard Rustin.
TNR legal affairs writer Jeff Rosen, who agonizes over the proper balance between liberty and security in the post 9/11 world, doesn't seem to lose much sleep over "the Girl" and helping Hudson and its homo-hunting lawyer flout federal law regarding the lunches. Rosen ignored repeated emails and phone messages about this topic.
Rosen, by virtue of the doctrine of silent acquiescence, is an accessory to far more serious and unambiguous violation of civil rights than the stuff which he dislikes by John Ashcroft.
That is an open question debated by serious lawyers and scholars, left and right, whether Ashcroft illegally infringed on civil liberties. That the Hudson edict, however, violates public accommodation laws is not likely to be seriously questioned by anyone.
Is linking Kaplan and by extension Rosen and TNR to Bob Brame and the illegal behavior unfair "guilty by association?" No, it's very fair guilty by association. Most journalists and organizations play the guilty by association game.
? TNR certainly does. When Cornel West merely spoke at a conference that also
heard from Louis Farrakhan, TNR published an it em criticizing him. West has
far less connection to Farrakhan than TNR now does to Hudson. Cornel West or
anyone else in his employ at his black studies fiefdom is not known to have an
official position with the Nation of Islam. If they did it would have been
reported by now, and quickly denounced by TNR.

-Speaking of guilt by association: The New Republic, was the only major media outlet contacted that completely ignored the series of exclusive reports for about the collaboration between religious conservatives
and reputed terrorist friendly Muslin groups to oppose gay marriage.
One of the premiere Jewish members of this queer coalition was Rabbi Barry Freundel, spiritual leader of the shul that Leon Wieseltier and Peter Beinart attend. Again, this is a much closer connection then the Farrakhan speech which prompted Marty's hissy fit.
What kind of Jew is Leon that he won't publicly condemn his own rabbi for Hamas slumming?
What kind of journalist is Beinart that he missed a story which countless others, gay, Jewish, mainstream, left, right, seized upon?