Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Chanukah Tales

Jean writes:

I'm an old lady so not very interesting to you. But your blog, my first blog real experience, came to me by searching "Talmud". It's interesting what you wrote in JUDAISM II because today in Talmud Torah Sanhedrin Tractate people asked if a single Baraisa could be accepted as custom by Orthodox. I had just researched earlier this week and discovered that the myth of the oil lasting 8 days was by only ONE Baraisa. Other Talmud discussions suggested more reasonably and beautifully that it took 8 days to clean up the mess the Jews made at the temple. Well, the Jews started it. Years ago, another Rabbi suggested that Jewish history proves this: when there's a political fight (far right and far left) then one of them goes out to get help from some ruler. The ruler uses it as an excuse to install their own
philosophy. I think this is not a Jewish thing. Do you?

You do know that there is a global Jewish rule that one never uses the Torah Menorah in the home.

You do know that the reason that Christians don't do Talmud Torah is because when Constantine standardized Christianity 1600 years ago that he put the death penalty on Talmud Torah.

Also think about this mind control: Martin Luther threw away 1/3 of the original Christian Bible. And that is the source of Khanookah in the first place. Back to the top.