Friday, January 28, 2005

Running Out Of Steam

amalek: I love the way Dick Cheney dressed for the occasion.
amalek: I guess they just don't love the Jews as much as the Jews want to be loved.
amalek: Didn't you already run that stuff before? Years ago?
Luke: sorta
amalek: I understand. Running out of steam. It happens in your late thirties.
amalek: You need to try something else.
amalek: I don't think accusing rabbis of incest has legs.
amalek: Unless you got hard evidence.
amalek: I GOT IT!
amalek: You should go undercover in a yeshiva as a yeshiva bachur.
amalek: Let us know what really goes on there.
amalek: Any Jewish hotties knocking to get into your van?