Monday, November 07, 2011

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Don't let the bank take away your home!

Melissa Grace writes: I Know how to refinance your loan! As the mortgage rates have dipped to record lows, a large number of struggling homeowners are looking for ways to refinance their new home loans so that they can retain their homeownership rights and keep staying in their home. Research reveals that almost a quarter million homeowners in the US have lost their homes to a foreclosure and half of these people have never even talked to their lenders regarding some way out. With the current home loan rates, homeowners can easily go for a refinance home mortgage loan in order to repay their original loan. They say that refinance is the best way to forestall a foreclosure and if you’re not aware of the ways in which you can refinance your home loan, here’s help.

Weigh the pros and cons of refinancing: A refinance option allows you to take out a new home loan so as to get access to better terms and conditions on the loan and use them to repay the original loan. If you think that you can just lower the interest of the loan through a refinance, you’re perhaps mistaken. You can reap some other benefits like changing the term of the loan and the type of the loan too. Now if you take out a loan just by checking the interest rate or the repayment term, it may happen that the monthly payments that you have to make are drastically lowered but you end up paying a huge amount on accumulated interest rates. Therefore, you must check all the pros and cons before refinancing your home loan.

Gather all the important documents: If you go to take out a mortgage refinance loan, your lenders will ask for some documents that you may need to show them in order to show them your monthly income and your employment status. This may include your income tax statements, your monthly payment stubs, your pay slips, documents related to investment income and any other financial papers that may come of use during the lending process. You also need to get a copy of your credit report so that you can show them the present score, depending on which the lenders will decide the rates on the loan.

Shop several lenders: Another step that you need to take is to shop among several lenders so that you may get the best loan in the market. There are several mortgage lending institutions that are waiting to lend you loans and make profit out of you. If you want to avoid this, you have to shop around several lenders so that you may get to know the exact rates in the market and choose the best one that suits your needs and wants.

Inquire about all the fees: Refinancing your home mortgage loan will not always help you save money as there are some other fees that are associated with the loan. Research the market and make sure that you know everything on the fees, like the service charges, the loan origination fees, the closing costs and any other pre-payment penalties that might be applicable on the new loan. All such checks should be done so that you can save money in the long run.

The entire procedure of getting a refinance mortgage loan is an easy one but you can spoil the entire process if you take the wrong decisions. Follow the steps mentioned above and make sure you shop around so that you can snag the best refinance loan in the market.