Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Unsatisfying Shakes With Women

I seek to live my life by Torah law. This means that I attempt to not shake hands with women or have any physical contact with these objects of temptation. Unfortunately, though I view myself as a moralist, I am susceptible to certain weaknesses of the flesh.
Thus, there have been times over the past few years when I've shaken hands with beautiful young women (the old bags I completely shun, not entirely for religious reasons). While my long periods of deprivation makes even the most fleeting forms of inter-sex contact a sensual experience, it is frequently lacking in satisfaction because many women only allow a squeeze of a few fingers, rather than the palm action that makes a proper handshake so satisfying.
When a man only squeezes my fingers instead of engaging my whole hand, I find that creepy. With women, it is disappointing. If I am going to sin, to quote Martin Luther, I might as well sin vigorously, but even more believe that no matter how many times I commit fornication or murder, I can still be forgiven if only I sing Christmas carols during Chanukkah with Chaim Amalek outside the homes of my favorite Orthodox rabbis.