Monday, December 13, 2004

Great Music Can Take Several Listens

Great music is often not immediately accessible. Sometimes you have to listen several times to appreciate it.
I had that experience with the second CD in Air Supply's Greatest Hits twosome.
CD1 had the familiar favorites -- Lost in Love, Every Woman in the World, All Out Of Love, Chances, The One That You Love.
CD2 I listened to once and ignored it for six months. But now I've listened to it several times and I'm lost in love. It's every CD in the world to me.
The Air Supply Christmas album (1987) makes the perfect Chanukkah gift for that special Jew in your life.
I'm lobbying rabbi David Wolpe to bring Air Supply to Friday Night Live.

From an review: Love 'em or hate 'em, no one can argue that Air Supply wasn't one of the most prolific and popular soft-rock presences on the airwaves during the first half of the 80's decade. This group, or duo technically, of Russell Hitchcock and Graham Russell had their lush and sometimes over-the-top productions consistantly occupy the top-5 for three years. Their tunes continued to appear on the charts less consistantly in the mid-80's but there's no denying the legacy they left. As popular as they were and still are to many, there are almost as many who despise their often syrupy, Spectorian in splendor, odes to love. They are second only perhaps to the Carpenters in the degree of love-hate they elicit from music listeners both now and in their heyday on the charts. If you are not a fan, then no collection of Air Supply's works would be of interest but for those who connect with these guys' music, selecting from the myriad of CD's available is the challange. For those seeking a "greatest hits"-type package, there are many available, however in spite of the parade of domestic collections, titles such as "ultimate" and "definitive' notwithstanding, there are still no truly complete domestic packages. For whatever reason, every domestic collection leaves off at least one of their charted hits yet with 18 or so tracks available on a CD, one wonders who is making these decisions to drop legitimate singles for b-sides and the like. This Taiwanese import is one of the few packages that does in fact contain all the American top-100 hits, including the domestically-evasive "Lonely Is The Night", Air Supply's last charting single. Beyond the American hit singles within the 36 tracks on two discs offered here are album cuts, Asian hits, a few Russell Hitchcock solo tracks and a few cuts from their "Greatests Hits Live" album. All in all, this represents about the best overview of Air Supply's music. Add in its decent sound quality and the substantial liner notes booklet with song-by-song commentary by Russell and Hitchcock, and you have the best overall package for these icons of 80's soft-rock and pop.

JR774 writes: All of the 36 songs featured on it are wonderful songs to listen to when you are in a sentimental mood, especially if your heart has just been broken! Brilliantly the lyrics to Air Supply songs seem to articulate human emotions to a tee.