Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Khunrum Lives!

My friend Khunrum was once in the Peace Corps. Now he teaches at a community college in the South. Several times a year, he flies to Thailand to distribute alms to the needy.
Due to my Asperger's Syndrome, I did not even think how this recent tsunami could affect my friend Khunrum who likes to celebrate every year in Southeast Asia the birth of the Christ child.
Friend: "So is Rum floating a dozen miles or so off the shore of Thailand or what? The more time that passes without any communication from him, the more possible it is that he was washed out to sea."
I emailed Khunrum and he responded:

I am high and dry in Bangkok. My girlfriend and I were up country in Udon Than when the waves hit. I didn't even know about it until the next day.
It's a terrible tragedy. Your concern is well appreciated. A very Happy and prosperous New Year to you. I'll be back on the 10th and look forward to another year serving on the Luke Ford Advisory Committee.