Thursday, December 30, 2004

Thailand Update

Khunrum writes: Ms Sopee and I were walking back from breakfast this morning and saw a guy coming towards us with a neck brace. I asked him if he had been in Phukett. He, a fellow American, replied in the affirmative and told us he and his wife were lucky to be alive.

Then he lifted up his tee shirt and showed us the damage. He was black and blue with huge welts and abrasions all over his chest and legs. He said his wife was beat up too and had suffered torn ligaments on both her legs. They were in their hotel when the waves hit and were underwater for awhile. He said he was rolling around from the force of the surge and thought he had snapped his neck. He said the things that bump into you like furniture and other debris cause the damage. That is, if you don't drown first.

I shook his hand and commented that it was a Happy New Year for him in advance. He smiled and agreed. There but for fortune eh! what?