Friday, December 10, 2004

Help Me, Please!

From the Luke Ford Fan Blog:

Probably the greatest disappointment in my life is that, at present, I live thousands of miles away from My Moral Leader's office (i.e., hovel). This is where Mr Ford dispenses advice to the forlorn and perplexed. Not that I want the sort of hands-on care that Mr Ford kindly shows his (many) female followers. Good grief, NO! But I really do need some sort of personal counselling from a trusted source: a wise man who not only knows the difference between right and wrong, but who also has the steely determination and boundless self-discipline to do the right thing at all times. This is where I fall down. My capacity to make good ethical decisions is severely lacking. I usually know what is the right thing to do, but when presented with a choice between the right and the easy thing, I always do the latter.