Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Protocols Party Report

The blog Protocols (primarily aimed at an Orthodox audience) held its swan song party Wednesday night, the last day of the blog.
Chaim Amalek, an elderly man, very heavy, with a cane and coarse gray hair, writes me:

Chaim: Well, I was there, at KGB bar.
Chaim: A very semitic looking crowd: short, dark, and not very friendly.
hanka444: how was it?
hanka444: any hot chicks?
Chaim: I sit down and this Jewess starts distributing stuff, first dreydels. She puts one on the table right in front of me, then quickly scoops it up to deposit on the table next to mine.
Chaim: Then she hands out some flyers touting the novel literary series "Novel Jews" to everyone. But me.
hanka444: What did she look like?
She was one of the Jewesses who emceed it. There was one hot chick there, a blonde, who left just as things got started. I suspect that she was not a Jewess.
Chaim: Like a standard Jewess. Maybe a bit taller than average; about 5'6:, short to medium black hair. Thin.
Chaim: They all look like one of three or four types.
hanka444: Did you talk to anyone interesting?
Chaim: A swarthy crowd in an establishment whose walls were festooned with propaganda posters from the failed Bolshevik disaster. Very fitting.
Chaim: In the center of the room sat a group of 8 or 9 older "inner party" types. They ignored me as I took careful notes.
hanka444: See Steven Weiss?
Chaim: That guy Steven Weiss lit the menorah. He has a beard,
Chaim: is younger than I thought, said the blessing.
Chaim: People mostly ignored me even when I attempted to start conversations.
Chaim: But I won't soon forget that unfriendly bitch who put a dreydel on my table and then removed it to give to others.
Chaim: Few skull caps except, I think, for that Weiss guy. His might have been the only one there.
hanka444: Does this treatment make you anti-Semitic?
Chaim: Well, I suspect that over the years similar has happened to you, has it not?
hanka444: yes
Chaim: And?
hanka444: I feel like you are a part of me.
hanka444: I try to keep it under control.
Chaim: Really, the most unfriendly crowds I encounter in NY are crowds of Jews. If they don't know you, if they cannot play Jewish Geography with you ("Oh, you went to camp with my cousin Shekey"), then they don't want to have a thing to do with you.
Chaim: I shouldn't complain. It's lots worse for Palestinians living near Zionists.
Chaim: Now, concerning all these "hip" jews celebrating their liberation in a bar festooned with posters from the old Soviet Union (mostly the Stalin years), I wonder how the victims of Bolshevik tyranny would view that scene.
Chaim: Imagine, if you will, a the reaction to a group of Christians celebrating Christmas in a bar decorated with swastikas.
I thought it very insensitive for Jews to celebrate anything surrounded by all that Stalinist propaganda. The late Dr. Pierce and Yggdrasil would each have had a field day with the scene.

Alana Newhouse replies: "Chaim -- I fear I swiped your dreidel, in what was clearly a misguided attempt to distribute the precious toys to the neediest cases. I apologize for the bad manners. And I'm sorry you didn't have much fun, though I still thank you for attending."

Chaim replies: "Hah! This woman did not give my dreidel to a child or to a homeless man (as if!); she gave it to a very prosperous looking group of Jewish doctors and lawyers. And then there was the matter of those announcements for "Novel Jews." Everyone around me got one - but me. And I mean everyone. You know, there would be less antisemitism in the world if you house hebrews learned to treat others as you would have them treat you. The goyim are watching more often than you know.
"I feel bad about mocking [Aboriginees]. We should treat all of God's Children with love and kindness. I guess the spirit of Christmas is within me now, exluding the savage spirit of Chanukkah.
"How can I get into the spirit of your holiday when a dreidel is placed before me and then snatched away to be given to more conventionally successful semites?
"See, whenever I try to connect with my Jewish roots, I am rebuffed. I just don't know how you manage."