Monday, February 07, 2011

Psychologist Roy Baumeister’s New Book On Men

Luke Ford writes:

Roy Baumeister was on Dennis Prager’s radio show yesterday talking about his new book.

Roy: “The reports of the sexual activity tend to change more than the sexual activity itself.

“It’s clear that plasticity in a biological sense, being open to change, is higher for the female sexual drive than for the male. Female sex drive changes more across culture, age, circumstance, than men’s.

“Going back over the past century, women’s sexuality has changed in a variety of interesting ways while men’s desires have remained more constant.

“Young women in the mating phase, this is a period of high sexual interest in both genders. There is a period when they get close.

“What happens over and over again if you track couples, when they fall in love, and their sexual interests match closely and they both think I’ve found somone who’s close to me and we’ll go on having sex every day. A year or two later, after the commitment’s made and they’re married, they revert back to their separate baselines."