Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Pursuing Marriage


Wednesday, February 16, 2011 Radio Show
H1: Attack Ideas, Not Motives
Prager H1: Republicans make a big mistake when they attack the motives of Democrats. Republicans should take on Democrats’ ideas and leave motives out of the discussion… A female CBS reporter was sexually assaulted in Cairo while covering the protests there. Why did CBS initially repress the story?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011 Radio Show
H2: Male/Female Hour: Pursuing Marriage
Prager H2: Do young people pursue marriage the way they pursue a job or friendships? Being “open” to marriage is not the same as seeking it.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011 Radio Show
H3: Budget Bloat
Prager H3: Dennis talks to David Malpass, deputy assistant Treasury secretary in the Reagan administration, and a regular contributor to Forbes Magazine, about budget bloat and its consequences… Dennis returns to the story about the sexual assault on CBS reporter in Cairo… A US Drug Agent is murdered and another wounded in Mexico. The consequences of Mexico becoming a narco state are very serious.

Female CBS Reporter Sexually Assaulted in Cairo

Reports are that the mob was shouting “Jew, Jew” at her. She's now in hospital in NY. Why did CBS wait so long to release this story?

Malpass: Budget Blob Gets Bigger

The numbers are staggering. Dennis talks to David Malpass, former Treasury secretary in the Reagan administration and regular contributor to Forbes Magazine about budget bloat and its consequences.

Women More Concerned about Independence than Men

According to new study, women are more concerned about their independence and "personal space" than men.

Biodegradable Forks and Tasteless Food

Nancy Pelosi’s “green initiative” for the Congressional dining room didn’t help anybody. A perfect case study of Leftist feel-goodism.

Al Qaeda Operative Released after Five Years in London Jail

Yeah, this terrorist cooperated with authorities. But five years? 52 people were murdered. Does anybody serve serious time for anything in the UK?

KC Pitcher Doesn't Want Millions He Didn't Earn

Gil Meche, a pitcher for the KC Royals, is owed $12M by the club. But Meche, who has decided to retire because of injuries, doesn't think he deserves the money and won't take it. Is it coincidence that Meche is religious?

FLASHBACK: Liberals Predict New Dawn of Freedom from Iranian Revolution

National Review provides a valuable list of confident predictions about the Iranian Revolution. Liberals were certain it was the dawn of a new day of freedom. They were wrong... Brett Stephens of The Wall Street Journal makes the same observation.

Henninger: Can Egypt Turn Out Well?

Daniel Henninger offers another reason why not to be optimistic about the future of Egypt. It's also a cautionary tale for the USA. When a populace becomes dependent the government for jobs, it doesn't grow.

Muslim Brotherhood: Let's Bring Back Stoning

Feeling optimistic about Egypt? This statement by the spokesman for the Muslim Brotherhood might throw some cold water on your optimism.