Monday, February 14, 2011

Pundit - Author S.E. Cupp Disgusted When You Look At Her With Lust

Luke Ford writes:

From my Monday interview:

Luke: "How do you react when you feel that a man is looking at you with lust? Are you horrified, disgusted, appalled?"

SE: "Yeah. Disgusted. This is not a unique situation. Women in Manhattan are objectified walking down the street every day. A broad spectrum of women get looked at. It’s, yeah, disgusting. That doesn’t do anything for me. That doesn’t excite me. I know women who use it as a barometer for how good they’re looking that day. Eww! It gives me the creeps. I don’t enjoy it at all. There’s not a single ounce of enjoyment that I get from that."

Readers are only allowed to look at the following photos of S.E. Cupp if they pledge to do so entirely without lust.