Sunday, February 20, 2011

Lara Logan's Sexual Assault: Dennis Prager Opines

Luke Ford writes:

On his radio show Feb. 16, Dennis Prager said: “This story should be widely reported.”

He read from the the New York Post article.

Dennis: “I think the biggest story here is why CBS did not report it originally. I want to know why CBS didn’t report it. Their chief foreign correspondent is attacked and sexually assaulted by 200 men, God only knows what that means, and sustained serious injuries, and CBS did not report it, that’s a serious story.”

“It is not possible to describe the intensity of anti-Semitism in the Arab world. The Jew-hatred is so great that the worst epithet, worse than dog which is considered a very bad thing in Arab culture, is Jew. The Jew is the scum of the earth throughout the Arab world, particularly east of Morocco. That’s what they’ve been fed since 1948. One can only imagine what the invasion of Israel would entail, the sadism.

“And these are the democracy guys. These are the folks who won. This is after Mubarak resigned.

“We will not rest until we find out why this story stayed quiet.”