Monday, February 14, 2011

Luke Ford Sobers Up After Another Day Of Crashing, Burning

Luke Ford writes:

I charge into life because I’m a man of great enthusiasm with frequent delusions of grandeur. I see these visions where I am a great man and they intoxicate me and make me forget all of my shame.

I want to charge ahead because I feel so full of myself. I feel confident, arrogant, untouchable. I’m the new sheriff in town.

I get all these pre-programmed ideas for what I’m going to say and do when people have no choice but to be in my presence.

So when I finally get the opportunity to interact with people, much of the time I’m acting. I’m not real. I’m spouting all these memorized lines that I thought were just so funny when I was at the peak of my bipolar cycle.

And then I slam into the wall and crash and burn.

G-day, I'm Luke Ford.

You might have seen me on 60 Minutes or Entertainment Tonight or E! True Hollywood Story (11/5/00) or ABC News (9/11/07) or perhaps you read about me in the New York Times or the Los Angeles Times.

I've been blogging for a living since 1997.

Every so often, I like to pick up a book to see if I can raise my game.

I just bought Blogging to the Bank 2011 for $37 and I heartily recommend it. It's the best book out there for making a living blogging.

For the past month, I’ve been looking around for information products to promote (the marketer gets on average 50% of the purchase price) and discovered that many of the metrics on Subliminal MP3s look great.

But first, I need to talk about another Republican legislator (this time it is Chris Lee) caught with his shirt off.