Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Testimony before Knesset Family Law Committee Today

G. Pickholz (Israel Fathers Rights Advocacy Council) writes:

My oral discussion included the remark that the reason Moishe Tendler & the RCA are preoccupied with brain death rather than our issues is because everyone knows the Rabbis have been heartless bastards for decades. Huge laughter, even from opponents.

I think I gave far more punches than I took, and I think the committee and audience acknowledged that in their comments and questions.

I was not only the only expert witness trying to rebalance the pendulum, but almost every other speaker was advocating even more radical feminist legislation along the lines of "all mothers are saints and all fathers are evil".

Only one speaker acknowledged how many billions in state subsidies are at risk for the single mother lobbyists if fathers receive joint custody -- at least she was honest this is all about money, not any concern for the childrens' welfare.

I managed to nail two top Women's lawyers on the fact that denial of visitation to paternal grandparents absent payments beyond those ordered the husband by court remains Strategy Number One in all Jewish post divorce negotiations.

Israel can be such a dreadful disappointment of Levantine corruption on a regular basis...they have as little interest in Jeffersonian democracy as they have for Halacha.

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