Tuesday, February 08, 2011

A Man's Opinions Represent His Best Self

Luke Ford writes:

On Dennis Prager’s show Jan. 5, Alison Armstrong said: “A man’s safety lies in his productivity, his ability to produce results. If a man is trusted and respected, he has the biggest access to productivity. You’ll bring out the worst in a man if you disrespect him (particularly publicly) or distrust him.”

“What makes a woman feel safe is when she feels connected.”

Dennis: “If my wife were to differ with me a lot, I would think the connection were breaking.”

Alison: “A man’s opinions are very different from a woman’s opinions. More precisely, the masculine relationship to opinions is different from the feminine relationship to opinions. If you ask me for my opinion, you will get my opinion in the moment. There’s no commitment involved. If you ask a man what he thinks, you will get a product of his values and the information he trusts. His values are who he is. He puts together who he is with the information he has validated over a lifetime, so he forms opinions. So every opinion he has is the best he has to offer.”