Thursday, February 03, 2011

Dennis McDougal's Vietnam Novel - The Candlestickmaker V

Luke Ford writes:

Here are my previous interviews with the prolific author.

Here’s what has to say about Dennis McDougal and his new book The Candlestickmaker:

Aboard the spy ship U.S.S. Argosy in the war-tossed waters off the coast of Vietnam, three young American sailors form an unlikely bond. Each has fled an America they were raised to love but somehow no longer understand. When forced to choose whether to face combat or stay and fight the war in the streets, they sign up for a war that reflects the conflict that raged inside each of them. The one thing of which they were certain was that the only people in the world they could depend on were each other. As their friendship deepens in the bars and brothels from Hong Kong to Subic Bay, Ernie Brigham and his companions slowly become aware of a dark secret aboard the U.S.S. Argosy.

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