Thursday, September 23, 2004

Immanuel Kant Died A Virgin

I won't. I am his better.

Immanuel Kant was a real piss ant. Heidegger, Heidegger, was very rarely stable. Or was that Schlegel?

I drink therefore I am.

Hegel. Heidegger. Kant. These Aryans don't impress me.

Terri, who has a masters degree in the classics, writes:

Alright, now you've gone too far.

But not farther than Kant. Did you also know that he never in his life traveled more than 50 miles from his hometown, Konigsburg? But he was still the most important philosopher of the Enlightenment (yeah, philosophers are always a century or so behind the times).

And Martin Heidegger was a Nazi stooge - but he was also one of the most poetic and (therefore) profound thinkers of the last half century.

Wittgenstein was simply the greatest philosopher of the 20th Century.

I think you'd find them to be more profitable reading than Bill Bennett - or Hayek or Rand or Strauss or whomever the Young Republicans are reading these days.

Officially yours, Terri

P.S. Hey, if you want to start a dropouts' philosophical reading salon, let me know. We can start with the Pre-Socratics and work our way forward.

Luke says: Terri, you think like a goy. The greatest philosopher of the 20th Century was a longshoreman - Eric Hoffer.