Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Female Sensual Empowerment - Antoinette Cabral Talks To Luke Ford

Luke Ford writes:

I went to an exciting Valentine’s Day party the other week. It was so fun, I kept it to myself and didn’t blog about it.

The host of the party was a fascinating woman named Antoinette Cabral.

I wanted to talk to her but there wasn’t an opportunity.

On Friday at 1:15 pm on my live cam, there will be an opportunity as I interview her about her work as a dating coach.

Here’s the official bio and some of the questions I will be asking:

Antoinette Cabral teaches Feminine Leadership and is Sensual Empowerment Coach. She uses powerful tools and exercises to help women tap into their bodies and their sensuality to live sexy, soulful and sensational when connecting with the opposite sex. She helps men and women access their confidence and sensual power so that their ideal partner will find them incredibly irresistible, magical, and magnetic. Her love of travel, adventure, fun, spirituality and personal growth guided her to study with many master teachers in healing, Tantra, dance, meditation and massage. Please check her out at http://www.antoinettecabral.com.

What is sensual empowerment?
How did you become a sensual empowerment coach?
Can you sensually empower me to become irresistible, magical and magnetic to the ladies?
I’m tired of being irresistible, magical and magnetic to guys. Can you help me stop that?
How does this help a woman while dating? In relationship?
What are some things that women do that prevent them from attracting the opposite sex?
What are some of the top ways to disenchant men while in relationship?

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