Monday, March 14, 2011

Peter King's Hearings On Radical Islam In US

Luke Ford writes:

Since the fall of communism in Europe, political Islam (think Iran, Saudi Arabia, the Taliban, Al Qaeda) has emerged as the biggest threat to human rights around the world.

On his radio show Wednesday, Dennis Prager said: “Those who want an Islamic government… We have the moral duty to judge an Islamic government the way we’d change a democratic government or a communist government or a fascist government. Then it is not just in the realm of religious faith. Once you want to establish a state, a government with many laws, then I have to judge you.”

In which countries — Dennis Prager asks — has Islam increased in political power in the modern age and personal liberty grown with it? I can not think of one example.

When countries are governed by Sharia (such as Afghanistan under the Taliban), they become evil.

When countries are governed by religious law, they become evil.

I think that if Israel became governed by Torah it too would be evil.