Thursday, March 24, 2011

Text Message Marketing

What percentage of people open marketing emails? About 20%. What percentage of text messages are opened? About 97%. People tend to open their text messages and that's why text message marketing is hot.

Quick Tips:

  • Avoid youth texting slang. Texting isn’t just for kids anymore, so don’t treat it as such.

  • Pick a service provider that fits your budget and time frame.

  • Text-message marketing works best in combination with other marketing strategies.

  • Increase participation with coupons, special offers and invitations.

  • Give your program time to build.

Suggested Reading (and Viewing):

  • A new report makes the case for text-message marketing.

  • A detailed case study on Moosejaw, the online retailer, and its use of text marketing.

  • A trade guide to mobile marketing.

  • A TV/text ad created by the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago that outperformed traditional ads.

Wikipedia says:

Text message marketing is the link between online marketing and offline marketing for many companies, replacing email in many ways as the preferred way to communicate with prospects and customers. SMS Text message marketing is a permission based form of marketing , meaning that before sending a marketing message to someones cellphone a company, that person must have initiated the relationship by opting in to receiving messages from that particular company. The company must also allow someone to opt out of receiving further messages by replying via SMS text message with the words STOP or END, thus taking that persons cellphone number off of that company's text message list.