Sunday, February 21, 2016

Who Watches FOX News?

Comments to Steve Sailer:

* FOX News viewers aren’t SWPLs; they’re old people. The median age of Bill O’Reilly’s show is about 70 (hence all the ads for Cialis, reverse mortgages, and catheters). Those people aren’t the next generation of the traditional Republican party. They are the last generation of it.

* Idea: Graphic analysis showing media truthfulness by ownership and editor/reporter/anchor ethnicity. That could cover US, UK, Canada, Scandinavia, Germany, Australia, etc. Truthfulness quantification might reflect some fact check/retraction or similar measures. The a priori view is that media bias is present, determinable, and a damn nuisance. There may be a strong R-squared in there, as the daily onslaught on the truth provides ample data.

* I must admit, as bad as things are for our republic, the total humiliation of Jeb Bush has given me a totally thrilling bit of Schadenfreude (joy in the pain of others. Gotta love those big German words). At least the universe is not entirely without a sense of justice, or humor.

* Rubio is the “genteel” candidate in this race. There are lots of Republicans around who above all else are turned off by harsh-sounding rhetoric, and would sooner take an empty suit than a guy like Trump or Cruz.

* Yeah, the country club vote. Immigration, legal or otherwise, doesn’t hurt those characters. Neither does globalization. Hence, their concern with the capital gains tax, being respectable, and maintaining the status quo.

BTW, you saw the same thing in Iowa where Cruz got his lowest votes in the county with the state capital and biggest city.

* That’s true. But while immigration might not hurt them, it will hurt their grandchildren. They ought to realize that. Sadly, most of them don’t.

* You hit the nail on the head. This group is “embarrassed” by Trump due to their concern over their own “respectability”. Prime example being the jacketed gentleman at the CNN “Town Hall” on Thursday who asked abt Donald’s saying Bush lied any WMDs, and the real estate lady who went right before him. (Anderson Cooper followed up with both of these particular contestants then next evening during “regular” Breaking News and they both had decided they could not be associated with Donald Trump.)

* To be fair, nobody really predicted Trump’s campaign, which is what destroyed Jeb. Without Trump, Jeb would probably have a decent shot right now.

* Until now, Trump has been benefiting from the vote splitting. But with ¡Jeb! outta here, he’s going to be hurt by it, until and unless Cruz drops out.

How many ¡Yeb! supporters are going to Trump? I’d guess it’s close to zero – most will go to Rubio. (Cucks!).

But when Cruz throws in the towel, his supporters will rally behind Trump. If Cruz were a true patriot he’d announce his campaign suspension tonight and endorse Trump. ‘Course it won’t happen, though what about a secret backroom deal for Cruz to withdraw and join the Trump campaign as the VP? The two of them would then spend the rest of the primary season hanging the Schumio bill around Rubio’s neck and cruise to the nom.

* Just watching Trump’s victory speech, I am rooting for him because of his stance on immigration, but also his other planks are good.

I do wonder if he’s making some statements he is going to regret. When he states that the US is ranked #30 in education in the world, if only the white population was looked at, it would bat a lot better but it has 12% blacks and however many mestizos dragging down the average. If some were deported however, it would definitely bump the average.

Overall though, Trump is the image of a strong leader. He resonates strength, this is someone you can get behind. And very quick on his feet. He’s the guy you want on your side negotiating with Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin, not to mention historical dwarfs and own-goalists like David Cameron and Angela Merkel.

* Of the 3 Bushes only W. had the common touch. Both Jeb and Bush I were terrible politicians. Bush I got lucky. Reagan picked him as VP and did nothing to ensure that a true conservative succeeded him. This allowed Bush-I to lie and falsely run as a “Reagan Conservative”. He then governed as a “Ford Conservative” and lost big time in 1992.

Jeb decided to be honest and run on what he truly was. Sad.

* Trump still has not broken 35%. When Christie and Fiorina quit their percentage seems not to have gone to Trump but to Cruz and Rubio. In France Le Pen with 40% lost to two 30%s.

* If Cruz and Carson both left, Trump could be hitting 50+%. Unfortunately, I doubt Cruz drops anytime soon. But I wish Carson would get out – that’s 5-10% that probably all goes to Trump.

* So even after Nimrata’ Nikki’ Haley endorsed Rubio, Trump still won handily. Haley was looking for a VP slot under Rubio.

* God bless Trump for speaking against the Iraq war – even saying the obvious, that we lied to, that the nuke intel was cherrypicked. What a pair on that guy! He just thought it up and did it.

* A business decision may result in a positive-sum outcome. All participants can benefit.

In a two-party system political decisions almost always have a zero-sum outcome. 1 party will benefit at the expense of another. It is ridiculous when the liberal pundits tells the GOP that they will benefit from more immigrants.

* Jeb has always struck me as a tragic figure. It’s always been very clear that politics just isn’t where his heart is. His brother was the same way, but he was better at faking it. Jeb is not very good at faking it.

* Two downward-pointing exclamation marks seem appropriate for a candidate who could never get it up.

It’s interesting to try and imagine where he would have ended up if he hadn’t been born a Bush. I’m thinking he would have been some kind of teacher or clergyman — a line of work where he would have been much happier.

* Jeb probably would have won or at least would have had a good chance to win if Trump hadn’t run. It wasn’t absurd for him to run. He just ran into the Trump train, which is sort of an unprecedented phenomenon. In fact, Trump went after him so hard so early because Jeb was arguably the frontrunner early on, and he never recovered.

* Maybe George P should get a clue and run for office as an anti-immigration American patriot. He can argue he is not a racist as his mother is a Mexican immigrant.

His argument should be that immigration was good for America in the past but after 50 years of mass immigration we need to pause it. This way he doesn’t look like a self-hating Mexican.

* I don’t know if George P. has charisma, integrity, smarts, or good political instincts, but he sure has this: crazy eyes. Not cross eyes, exactly, but something ain’t right. Like watching a Stanley Kubrick movie, something is “off” about what we see and people will pick up on this. George P is an otherwise handsome young man.

Who, besides the Bushes, advocate for the Bush dynasty anymore? They are done. In Texas, Bushes may still win for a while, but nationally no one cares.

* I was just thinking how odd it feels to ALMOST be the political mainstream…I was reading through some of my books on the two Bush Presidencies the other day (looking for mentions of Jeb), and it’s now quaint how over the top the denunciation of the Willie Horton ad is in every tome. Here we are with a leading candidate that is pretty much the Alt-right personified…like a mix of Roissy/Mystery/Ross Jeffries game tactics, MPC/Right Stuff nasty trolling, the Sailer electoral Strategy, Pat Buchannan’s economic nationalism, Derb’s Muslim moratorium…getting along with Russia, stopping nation building etc etc….Neo-conservatism is dead and Jeb’s goofy face is on the tombstone.

* Channeling Heartiste: exit cucklord. I think lowbrow agitprop is quite effective, grinning shitlord Donald knows that well. Let’s make Rubio the next cucklord. A Spanish news site translated cuckservative as cornuservador (cornudo), so Rubio would be the next cornuservador supremo.

* "I wonder if Jeb’s 2016 run has permanently wrecked his son’s chances?"

Unless there is a big sea-change in our culture- and I mean like a bunch of smart, charismatic, junior sh!tlords storming the liberal bastions of academia, media, and prestige professions real soon, I think Yeb Jr’s chances are unaffected. Bush Sr. was near-loathed by conservatives at the time of his departure from office (not just a liar- “read my lips, no new taxes”- but also a loser) yet that did not stop conservatives from rallying to Dubya a short 8 years later. Plus the media love turning wonky politics into engaging soap opera, and there is nothing more engaging than a story like “son rises to avenge humiliated father”. Plus unless there is that sea-change in culture I just mentioned I cannot see the media NOT pushing their line about the GOP being doomed unless they pander more to Hispanics.

"I must admit, as bad as things are for our republic, the total humiliation of Jeb Bush has given me a totally thrilling bit of Schadenfreude."

I honestly felt really bad for George P. There is nothing worse in life for a youngish man than to see one’s father abjectly humiliated like that. And the fact that it was at the primordial level of schoolyard bullying, where so many traumas and fixations are forever implanted (witness Steve’s comments on Mathew “I was a teenage Nazi-hunter” Weiner). That moment where Yeb blurted out how he looked up after sliding out between Barbara’s thighs and instantly realized he’d “won the lotto”! Even the anti-Trump CNN analyst instantly picked up on the ick factor of that. It was like:

LITTLE DONNY TRUMP: Your mother’s a whore! And her c**t smells like a Brooklyn fish market. Little Jebby Bush: My mother is not a whore! And I know personally she in fact smells wonderful- like fresh-baked bread- down there!

* Sometimes it makes me sad though– Jeb! being gone. I have to remind myself that some birds aren’t meant to be caged. Their feathers are just too bright. And when they fly away, the part of you that knows it was a sin to lock them up does rejoice. But still, the place you live in is that much more gray and empty that they’re gone. I guess I just miss my friend.

* Thanks to Mr. Trump, Miss USA has finally left the past behind, caught up with the times, and shaved off her Bush.

* Trump just won a greater percentage of Evangelicals than total voters. He won their vote. Who can say the whys or whens of these things? But I suspect James Dobson will be sounding a Trumpet just as soon as he knows he will. Time is relative ya know.

Speaking of low information, for all the crass ways Trump embodies this age, perhaps the people who can see into him something ancient are the most lively folks enjoying his show. You might educate yourself about about an ancient whore, a blood red moon, other stuff they said you must have ears to hear and codes to break.

I do think the most interesting thing Trump has said so far was his moral inventory from that SC Townhall on CNN. He said my great fault is I let people I know deceived me get away with their deception without ever letting myself forget the count. Struck me cause I was reminded that Trump said something early on about one thing that happened to him when he initially spoke out about the Iraq War. Most interesting of all maybe is that he has not said another word about that since. And I have to suppose that means we never will again.

My educated bet would be that Trump has no idea that he has already won, and that that will open up a fault line somewhere loud indeed.

* Similarly, a lot of commentators in liberal sites are exclaiming how they don’t know any Trump voters. Well, news flash, when you can lose your job and end up a pariah for going against the PC multicult group think, people tend to keep their opinions to themselves.

Nevertheless, they have their opinions and when you say something (clutching pearls) like “If that Trump wins, I’m going to quit my job and move to Canada!” and the other person just says nothing, or a non-committal “Oh really?”, well, you were probably talking to a Trump supporter and just didn’t know it.

* Trump’s wife has been married to Trump for about 10 years and has been in the US for around 20 years. Bush’s wife has been married to Bush, and in the USA, for around 40 years. So let Melania have another 20 years in the US before you compare her command of the language to Columba’s.

* Cruz’s acceptance speech tonight was proof for me that he’s the Frank Underwood of thr Republican establishment. After being spurned by the Bush’s and not getting the job he wanted, he decided to advance his career using the anti establishment mood in the country instead of following the traditional career path. He’s a globalist like the rest of the establishment shills, who’s loyalties are to the Israel lobby, the big banks, and the MiC. He’s just smart enough to use the country’s mood to advance his own career at the expense of some of the other establishment types. The way he sucked up to Jeb! And attacked Trump tonight means I bet he’s more likely to endorse Rubio than Trump once he realizes his path is gone. Let’s just hope the Cruz true believers are smart enough to avoid Marcobot. Marco might be even more easily manipulated by the major interests than W was.

* Here is Melania Trump in 2010 speaking quickly in good coherent English in a non-political setting where she is more comfortable. Sure she has an accent but she is better at English than Jeb’s wife.

* Yeah, that makes me look forward to a Trump/Clinton debate in which Trump goes after Clinton for voting for the Iraq war like an idiot.

What will my liberal friends and family members say when they see Trump dumping on Clinton from the left?



* Thank heavens Jeb Bush ended it–the humiliation was becoming painful even to watch. But will the GOP Establishment try to push the almost-as-bad Marco Rubio, or will it hold its nose and support Ted Cruz in an all-out effort to stop Donald Trump?

I do note that Jeb Bush only suspended his campaign. Doesn’t that leave open the possibility that he could try to become the nominee at a brokered convention? Unlikely, but I don’t put anything past GOP cuckservatives at this point.

* Trump has just telegraphed to Hill and (pathetic, ghostly, debilitated) Bill that this is exactly what he will be doing once he gets the Republican nomination. Trump will be talking so much smack he might induce a nervous breakdown in her. Hillary knows she has never done anything useful in her political career. Devoid of any accomplishment except for the negative one of abandoning Americans to die Benghazi. Trump will also slam her non stop on Benghazi. Can you imagine ultra-lib Jimmy Carter leaving Americans to die there the way Hussein O and Hillary did?

Trump is 100% clean as a far as the Middle East tar baby goes while Hillary was the main promoter of the disastrous Arab Spring, helped along by our gay and feminist dominated leftist State Department. Europe can blame their current Muslim immigration invasion on dim bulb Hillary.

* The contrast between Melania Trump and Columba Bush is actually an interesting example of assimilation or its lack. I believe Melania Trump grew up in Slovenia. But hardly anyone outside Slovenia speaks Slovenian–why would anyone take the trouble to learn such an obscure language unless one planned to live in Slovenia? (Sorry if I’ve outraged all the lovers of Slovenian literature and poetry.) Donald Trump has no time or probably inclination to learn Slovenian and if there is a Slovenian community in the U.S. it’s got to be very small.

Columba Bush, on the other hand, can get by very comfortably in Spanish. Jeb learned it, her children speak it, there’s a large Spanish-speaking community in the U.S. She never had any incentive to really master English.

Moral: small community–assimilate or go back; large community–no need for assimilation.

* Ben Shapiro finally exposes himself. Like the National Review, he markets himself as “anti-establishment” while actually supporting the GOP elite agenda.

Shapiro has called for Cruz to endorse Rubio in an attempt to stop Trump.

Rubio is antithetical to anything Shapiro claimed to stand for,besides defending “our greatest ally”, but the establishment is crumbling and even needs its double-agents to lose their cover.

* Trump has Jeb’s testicles in a mason jar. Floating in brine.

And he often gazes upon them whilst sitting in his jet flying to his various campaign rallies.

So, there’s that….

* What is it with female political strategists? First Hillary’s ’08 disaster. Then Perry’s ’12 disaster and now Sally Bradshaw.

* I’d toss in ‘corporate’ Republicans too after seeing Trump barely carried Greenville County which is home to Lockheed Martin, GE, Caterpillar, 3M and Honeywell plants. OTOH Trump got almost 50% of the vote in Horry County ( Myrtle Beach etc.)

* Bush’s drop out will leave Cruz in a distant third place, but it also leaves him sort of in the middle between Trump and Rubio. His best bet is to go jujitsu on Marco Rubio over the immigration issue. Hit Rubio hard on betraying his voters on amnesty: one commercial after another, one stump speech after another. Don’t let voters ever forget that Rubio is a liar. There is almost zero chance that Rubio will be the Republican nominee, so it’s nothing Cruz will have to apologize for later, and it’s the only shot Cruz has at peeling off support from the other candidates.