Sunday, February 21, 2016

The Need For Eugenics

Comment: Automation will reduce the demand for low IQ workers.

Genetic engineering will increase the supply of high IQ men.

Therefore, the wages of low IQ men will continue to decline.

Low IQ men will be drawn to crime and extremism.

But the population of low IQ men is growing.

This population growth will lead to wars and famines, resulting in a tidal wave of refugees.

What is the most effective way to halt the population growth of the unemployable?

Pay a billion women to get on birth control.

The payment will appeal most to poor women, who on average have low intelligence and high birth rates.

* A lot of cybercrime is committed by Asians and Middle Easterners with the collusion of co-ethnic employees within the targeted companies. No great intelligence needed, just the exploitation of a high-trust work environment.