Sunday, February 21, 2016

What's Ahead For The Elections?

Comments to Steve Sailer:

* You are forgetting that Trump has avoided attacking Rubio thus far in the election. Trump has gone after Jeb and Cruz instead. I think Trump will change tactic and go after Rubio realizing he is now the biggest threat.

Plus with Kasich planning to stay around till March 15 Ohio primary, Trump will have plenty of time to work on Rubio.

* If Rubio drops out soon, Trump is going to have a harder time of it because the GOP establishment is going to rally behind Cruz to stop Trump. If you look at South Carolina results, Rubio and Cruz each got 22%. If Rubio hadn’t been running and his portion of the vote went to Cruz, Cruz would have won South Carolina instead of Trump. Rubio staying in the race is preventing Cruz from winning.

* Of course Fox and others are playing the optimist hand for Rubio and the pessimist one for Trump. But the reality is this. As of now Trump is winning.

I am awaiting Trump going after Rubio and reminding the base continually about Chuck Schumer’s side kick on the gang of 8. I don’t think Rubio has the chops to stand up to withering attacks. Christie showed us that. Rubio has benefited from the media helping him along by not focusing on amnesty, and by Trump bashing Bush and lately Cruz. Conventional wisdom says that Rubio is helped by Bush leaving. But by Bush leaving Trump can stop attacking him and focus on Rubio. Let’s see how Rubio holds up when Trump focuses on him.

* True, but the NRA is totally AWOL on immigration issues, all of which have a profound effect on the future of our common law gun rights.

About 40% of the people in this country belong to peoples that the Founding Fathers did not believe had a right to bear arms. And that number is growing with each generation.

The Second Amendment is irrelevant– and worse, if it requires the Fourteenth. It’s a common law right, and “common law” means English.

* You’re right that Rubio is extraordinarily lame. Shocking that he’s the best the establishment can come up with. His record in public life is as weak as Obama’s was 2008, and he’s not nearly as smart or tough as Obama. Whatever else anybody can say about Obama, he ran a brilliant campaign 8 years ago. He devised the strategy, he wrote all of the speeches, and he made every important decision. Rubio doesn’t seem to be running anything. He’s just a mouthpiece, reading lines written by others and passively awaiting instructions from his handlers about what to do next.

* Since the units they need to conduct war rely on white southerners, there’s probably a naturally self-limiting nature to their support. If one of your neighbor’s kids gets maimed, he’s a hero in a heroic struggle. A bunch get maimed, nobody’s a hero, and everything is a tragedy.

* The GOP establishment is going nuts over at RedState – total meltdown. In fact, their lead story the night that Donald Trump won South Carolina by a large margin is:

“Rubio To Finish Second in South Carolina”

And (get ready for laughs)…

“Rubio Victory Speech: This is a Three Man Race, and We Are Going to Win”

Wait a minute. Didn’t Rubio lose by 10 points? And didn’t Trump win almost all the delegates? Shouldn’t victory speeches be reserved for the victorious, not guys who lose 100% of the states they run in?

More from the front page:

“Van Jones Rips the Media for Lowering Standards With Respect to Trump”


“South Carolina Primary – Rubio Headquarters And The Support Of A Young Volunteer”


“Watch Cruz Supporters React To Jeb Bush Dropping Out”

‘Cheers for the narrowing of the race, but also for Bush’s statement about policy mattering, a direct swipe at the superficial and childish campaign of the blowhard who won tonight.’

It goes on and on. Pretty funny stuff.

* Considering how Rubio nearly imploded in New Hampshire and Trump is a walking time bomb, Cruz would be nuts to give up right now. I want Trump to win, but it’s a long way from over.

* I’m concerned because Trump’s on a learning curve right now, and the experience he’s learning from in a 3,4,5,15-way race might not apply to the general election. It would be a better lab for him if he had to go head-to-head with a single candidate at this point.

* Nevada matters about as much as Iowa, which is not a lot. Caucuses are stupid. Last I checked, it looked like perhaps only 12 or 13 thousand people in Nevada even bothered to go through the process today.

Nevertheless, the outcome resembles what I think will happen for the Democrats all the way to their convention: The grifter will win more delegates, while the communist will gather enough stupid people to be an inconvenience.

The grifter will then lose to Donald Trump, but she will avoid a trial, thanks to the quid pro quo of the anti-American president whose ass she will continue to kiss.

* I think the Republicans should start beating the war drums against Obama and his possible grant of clemency to Hillary in that three-month window after the election and before he leaves office. They should try to create a firestorm around the email scandal and see if they can get the press to start asking whether he will swear to the American public that he will not consider granting a last minute clemency to Hillary after the election. Any such pledge would be legally unenforceable but it would bring the email scandal front and center during the campaign and cause embarrassment to Hillary. That’s one area where the Constitution needs to be amended. Either make all clemency decisions subject to the approval of Congress or limit clemencies to the first three years of a President’s term so they all have the potential of being considered by the voters in the upcoming Presidential election. I don’t think Clinton would have granted clemency to Marc Rich if he knew his scandalous decision might have affected the race of 2000 to succeed him in office.

* I would think that Republican-leaning government employees would be more likely to lean Trump than Rubio. Rubio sides with the Paul Ryan/Scott Walker crowd and will likely follow their track record of cutting government employee benefits and enriching contractors. At least Trump won’t enrich the contractors to the same extent. And since Trump is the least likely Republican to cut Social Security, it’s a safe bet he’s the least likely to cut government employee pensions as well.

* Apparently what forced ¡Jeb¡’s withdrawl was a combination of having burned through 100-120 million in funds and rumors that a number of top consultants were jumping ship for Rubio.

I actually see this as a disaster for Rubio.

First of all like others have said Trump can now focus on Rubio being Schumer’s cabana boy on the Gang of Eight Amnesty deal.

Second and I believe far worse is that Rubio will now be responsible for keeping all the money grubbing loyal Bushie campaign consultants happy. It is impossible to keep all the Karl Rove’s, Mike Murphy’s and their wannabees happy and flush with filet mignon, cigars and single malt. Does Rent Boy Rubio really inspire enough confidence in his donor base to lavishly fund his campaign?

Some of these consultant crapweasels are going to be left with out a musical chair to land on. There will be hard feelings and because they may realize that three decades long Conservative Inc gravy train may be ending with the rise of Trump and Populist/Nationalist politics, some of them may spill the dirt on Rubio for spite. Also remember ¡Jeb¡’s professional Hispanics are Mexicans, Rubio’s are Cuban, so no love lost there.

Last, with the death of Scalia, the Neocon mega donors have a chance to pour tens of millions into bribing the Republican Senate into helping Obama nominate a SCOTUS justice who will give them what they really secretly desire, hate speech laws and internet censorship that will block any criticism of Israel, shutdown the BDS movement and continued Open Borders. In Europe we see the Jewish Neocons and Marxist left working in concert to promote hate speech laws and Anarcho-Tyranny repression of the historical nationalist population.

Rubio is no longer necessary for this to happen. The Jewish mega donor focus for the next several months will be on locking down the SCOTUS for the next several decades. Remember the Notorious RBG is also likely to announce her retirement by summer.

Finally, Kaisich is a nothing burger who always was on the Jack Kemp track. A long shot at being a VP nomination and then cushy life attending country club Republican functions and golf tournaments.