Sunday, February 21, 2016

Diversity & Corruption

Comments to Steve Sailer:

* Yet another prosperous, red-blooded American city with a water problem. This time it’s Crystal City, Texas, with a name that sounds like it must certainly must be filled with white, Republican evangelicals.

Oh wait. In a Crystal City story unrelated to the water problem: “Indicted were Mayor Richardo Lopez; council members Rogelio Mata and Roel Mata; former council member Gilbert Urrabazo; and William James Jonas, who served as city manager and city attorney. Ngoc Tri Nguyen, a businessman, was also indicted…Councilman Margo Rodriguez was indicted January 27 on unrelated federal charges of smuggling undocumented immigrants, KSAT reported.

That’s a lot of news in one month for a city of just 7,000 people. It’s not the first time a slew of Crystal City officials have been indicted. It happened back in 1976, as well. But it should be all ok once these good Latinos assimilate to American ways. Crystal City (95% Latino) has only been overwhelmingly Mexican-American since at least the early 60s.