Sunday, February 21, 2016

Blood doesn’t lie: Mark Melancon leads pro athletes in growing usage of blood analytics


"The Red Sox nutritionist at the time, Tara Mardigan, introduced Melancon to a company called InsideTracker, a blood analytics company based in Cambridge, Mass. which uses blood testing to screen for 30 different biomarkers — including vitamins, hormones and other metabolic markers — and determine optimal zones for each level based on a highly personalized questionnaire which looks at a person’s age, weight, activity level, ethnicity, personal goals and more."

Comment: I found this on Baseball Think Factory and it seems to have triggered a few people. “Quackery”, “Pseudoscience”, and “Ignorance” are all used in the first 5 comments. Sabermetrics is always looking for the next set of data to analyze, PitchFx and FieldFx (I think defensive analysis is really the diminishing returns phase of baseball analytics) being the latest craze, but let’s not dig TOO deep.

Steve has talked in the past that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all diet, and what better one to find out what works for you than drilling down to your individual biology?