Sunday, February 21, 2016

Is Donald Trump A Potential Fuhrer?

Mike Enoch tells Richard Spencer: "Donald Trump hits liberals with a visceral fear... His appearance. He's tall, blonde, Aryan-looking. I'm in control. These Fuhrer-esque characteristics... There's this gut fear amongst liberal and Jews. Here's this goy-looking powerful guy saying all this nationalist stuff. That's bad for us."

Mike: "The neo-con movement has no interest in the preservation of a white Gentile majority in the United States. You could say that they should because without the white gentile majority they are finished. With all the Mexicans, Muslims, Africans coming in, these people will sympathize with the Palestinians. Latin Americans big time sympathize with the Palestinians. They are not going to have any religious feelings about the Holocaust. They are not subject to this guilt trip that white people are."

"Michael Savage says that if we lose this white Christian Protestant majority, Israel is done. Israel is done without the United States."

Richard: "Jewish power has functioned on a basis of white Protestants and it can't without them."

Mike: "They consistently attack the white Protestant majority and that is what they need to sustain themselves."

Richard: "It's the parasite destroying the host."

"A higher percentage of white Protestants believe that Jews are the Chosen People than Jews believe Jews are the Chosen People."