Sunday, February 21, 2016

Jews Might Be A Great Fit For China, Russia

What if Israel were destroyed? What if the USA turned hostile to Jews? What if Western Europe turned hostile to Jews? Jews could move to Russia and China. They might be a good fit. Russia and China don't have western notions of human rights. They wouldn't put up with any subversion of their national goals and national cultures. They would limit and channel Jewish energies in ways that are productive for their host countries. Jews won't take over the media in Russia and China and turned it against the natives. Jews might forswear revolution because Russia and Chinese would have few compunctions about killing revolutionaries. Jews might forswear ridiculing the traditional Russian and Chinese identity in exchange for their own safety. Jews would like see advantages in behaving in ways that are productive for their host. Russians and Chinese have a strong sense of their own identity and will respect Jews for their strong sense of a Jewish identity. On the other hand, Jews are more likely to have respect for hosts who have a strong sense of identity and are unwilling to put up with any subversion. I've found that Jews have more respect for fellow ethnics, particularly East Asians, who put their own people first than Jews feel for naive white people who only subscribe to "universal values." Israelis, for example, tend to have contempt for American naivety and generosity. Israelis regard Americans are easy to manipulate. By contrast, Koreans, Japanese and Chinese won't put up with that.