Sunday, August 08, 2010

Nursing Homes, Life & Death

God forbid you have to send an aging parent to a nursing home. But if you must, then it should be one that is clean, and one that has friendly staff and really takes care of its residents.
Talking to a friend who works in one led me to ask him a bunch of questions, and some of his answers were unexpected.
What if there were no nursing homes? Then there would be no guilt about putting mom or dad in one, right? No, seriously. That may be where we are headed if our trial lawyer friends have their way.
One of California’s biggest nursing home chains got socked with the biggest jury verdict in the US so far this year, and it’s only August. They are fighting back, but you can be sure that all the other homes are watching to see what happens.
Talked to their lawyer, Kippy Wroten. Yes, that’s a real name, not a pseudonym. She confirmed the story and pointed me to her website to read it for myself.