Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Woman's Sell-By Date

Fred emails: "What percentage of women, do you suppose, have a realistic understanding of their "sell by" date?"

Khunrum emails: "Not many...there's a voice in there telling them they're still the prom queen...even when they weren't the prom queen to begin with. Towards the end of my single days I figured out that it made more sense to try for the younger ones. The oldies had unrealistic expectations. They were channeling their long gone inner virgin. They had mind blinders on. Third World gals are the best because they're realistic. 30 is late middle age in Asia. Give me those jungle gals anytime. The "call of the wild" you might say."

Chaim Amalek says: The most realistic women tend already to be married, and to have married young, and to have kids. Ditto (I have my reasons for saying this) strippers. They know that they face competition out there, and that it isn't coming from all those fabulous looking terrific women with terrific careers and great friends who have somehow made it to their forties without ever having married.

As for the aforementioned fabulous fortyish females out there, you can find me on Craigslist.

And yeah, one thing I've learned is that going after older women is a waste of time most of the time, because such women tend to have extremely unrealistic expectations for the remainder of their lives.