Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Couples Counseling

Beverly Hills therapist Donna Burstyn writes:

How does a couple know when they need counseling?

Many times one person believes counseling will help and the other does not. When we’re lucky, both will come in and one will blame the other.

I notice how they will sit. How they will choose to be in proximity to me. How do they align themselves? Do they cross their legs toward each other or far away from each other or do they sit at opposite ends of the couch?

For most people today, coming in for marital counseling is the last chance before someone files for divorce.

Marriage counseling can be used more effectively when things are fine and we then work on how to get things even greater.

Most of us don’t rock the boat when things are going well and go only when we are in danger of losing the marriage.

I see couples of all ages, gay and straight, multi-racial, different religions. Much of the conversation is the same. We seem to all struggle with intimacy, trust, commitment, sex and money.