Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Facebook Effect

Luke Ford writes:

I just read this new book by David Kirkpatrick.

The story of Facebook is a great one but Kirkpatrick is a plodding writer.

The earlier book on Facebook (getting turned into a movie) was a much better read.

One thing caught my attention in this new book was that Facebook helps people become more unified. They don’t have a profile for work and a profile for friends and a profile for family. They have just one Facebook profile and it is meant to have their real name.

I used to live many lives. Now I lead one life. I have family on my Facebook. I have friends from childhood. I have Orthodox Jewish friends. I have porn star friends.

I’m listening to a 2002 lecture by Dennis Prager on his life and he says: “I was an angel at home but I was a devil at school.”