Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Conversation with Nedalee Ruiz of Chanson Water

Companies dedicated to good health and quality products will always garner my attention and respect. One such company that embodies the principles of innovative technology and a commitment to personal wellness is Chanson Water (, a breakthrough brand that seeks to help consumers find that most precious commodity: good drinking water. Chanson's line of water ionizers are the very examples of the union between great design, versatility and proven effectiveness.

I recently had the good fortune of corresponding with Nedalee Ruiz from Chanson, someone who has a passion for educating people about the advantages of ionized water and the many ways we can immediately enjoy these benefits. Nedalee is highly knowledgeable, helpful and dedicated to making good health accessible to millions. Our Q & A is below. I salute Nedalee's assistance and the wonderful people at Chanson Water.

1. Why is it important to have a water ionizer?

Tap water is usually neutral ph unless it is from a well and can then be acidic. Bottled or reverse osmosis water is acidic and unhealthy. Anyone concerned with health and avoiding disease needs to have a clean and activated water supply, since most of us don’t have access to a waterfall or clean river.

The ionizer is the second best choice. Additionally, the second water produced by the ionizer is the acid water for external uses; it can replace up to 50% of household chemicals, skin care products and cleaners.

2. How do your water ionizers compare to other products currently available?

Chanson ionizers are the smallest on the market, which allow them to take up less counter or under-counter space.

Secondly, unlike our top competitor, Chanson ionizers can make strong acidic water without the addition of chemicals. Others cannot make strong acidic water at all.

Thirdly, we do not use calcium sulfite in our filters like most competitors. Calcium sulfite is banned in several countries and can cause heart palpitations.

Fourthly, Chanson water ionizers are the only brand sold in the U.S., which have been independently third party tested to kill E. coli and staph on contact. And Chanson water ionizers have been tested to prove that our water is micro-clustered.

Finally, Chanson is a 30-year-old manufacturer with a stellar reputation in over 17 countries. Chanson ionizers are backed by the industry’s best warranties, and are considered the “Mercedes-Benz” of the ionizer world.

3. Many readers may be unaware of how a water ionizer works. Please walk us through the process, with references to your products in particular.

A Chanson water ionizer is a small kitchen appliance about the size of two loaves of bread; it sits next to the sink and gets its water from your main faucet and installs in minutes. (Under-counter models also available.) The ionizer first filters the water and then treats the water with electricity.

This process is called electrolysis and is similar to what happens in some rivers or waterfalls: the electrical current in the water makes it a very powerful antioxidant and detoxifier. The water also helps neutralize acids in the body. The water is separated into two streams, one alkaline and the other acidic. The alkaline water can be produced at different levels and is used for cooking and washing vegetables; and the acidic water also produced at different levels is for disinfecting or using on your skin.

4. How big is the marketplace for these kinds of products, in your estimation?

Unlimited. Anyone who wants to take control of his or her health and well-being needs to start with water. Water is the number one nutrient; ionized water is by far the healthiest water source you can consume. It is also the most powerful anti-aging and antioxidant natural substance known to man.

5. Concerning alkalized water, what are some of the reported benefits of drinking alkalized water?

Alkalized water is another term for ionized water. We have heard benefits, literally, in every category of sickness as well as sports performance. Most often we hear about relief from: diabetes, acid reflux, constipation, migraines, arthritis, high cholesterol, joint pains, depression, low energy, skin problems and many, many more. However, even though there is much documentation of these facts in Asia, in the US we are not allowed to make health claims, so please be very careful. You see, many doctors believe that all health problems stem from an acidic body. So it makes no sense to put acidic foods and drinks into our bodies. Alkaline ionized water helps to bring balance, and that balance helps a person’s body heal itself in remarkable ways.

6. How do these benefits compare with expensive brands of bottled water and/or sports drinks?

Nature creates ionized water in some rivers and waterfalls through movement and friction; a small electrical charge is created making the water “living water” with healing properties. Bottled water and tap water are stagnant, dead water, regardless of their source. Ionized water is in a different league, and is considered the “healing water.” The ionization, which is measured in ORP (oxidation-reduction potential), is an antioxidant measurement. The ORP is not stable and cannot be bottled. That is why people need an ionizer in their home.

7. Why is there so much confusion or misinformation concerning bottled water? Many of these brands seem like they have few if any health properties and are merely expensive.

The confusion results from the marketers of those products. There is no existing data or studies of any kind showing any health benefits of drinking bottled water. And there is much information available on the leaching of plastics into the water. Additionally, there is a worldwide problem being created by the plastics filling up landfills.

On the other hand, Chanson ionized water has a 30-year medical track record in Japan and Korea. There have been many hundreds of papers written and studies published in Asia and Russia concerning the health benefits of ionized water. (The video on the Chanson website has helpful information about this issue, too.)

8. On a personal note, which Chanson products do you use regularly?
I use the Chanson shower filter, the Chanson Nano pre-filter and the Miracle and VS-70 ionizers. I have been using these consistently for four years now and would not live without them.

9. When buying a water ionizer, what are some things consumers should look for?

Reputation. Reputation. Reputation. Unfortunately, the ionizer business has many less than honorable persons trying to make a quick buck. When choosing an ionizer there is nothing more important than knowing who is making it and how long they have been in business. Only a highly reputable manufacturer will produce a safe product. Chanson is like the Sears Kenmore of Taiwan; they have been a household name for over a decade and in business for 30+ years. Chanson ionizers have a stellar reputation in the U.S., Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Norway, Switzerland, UK, Croatia, Hungary, France, Polynesia, China, Japan and elsewhere. Chanson is the only ionizer manufacturer that owns and operates a chain of water stores, showing Chanson’s commitment to water health. Chanson is also the only water ionizer manufacturer to also make a full line of water filters. 100% of Chanson’s manufactured product line is in the water health category -- Chanson is the only one that can say that.

10. Please explain the financial benefits of owning a Chanson water ionizer. In other words, how is the product an investment in good health?

The average consumer will have their investment repaid, on even the best Chanson ionizer and filter setup, within three to four years. There is huge savings on bottled water. There is the benefit of saving time on shopping for bottled water and disposing of the bottles.

There is a green action involved as well, since being free of bottled water is an earth friendly move. If the Chanson ionizer can improve one’s health by even one-percent, that is a priceless contribution. Ionized water can improve the effectiveness of any vitamin or supplement the user is taking giving them more bang for his or her buck.

The second water produced by the Chanson ionizer is called the “acid water.” This water will allow you to replace 50% or more of the chemicals, skin care and cleaners you are currently using. The Chanson acid water is for external use only and is antibacterial; it’s a great window and glass cleaner and can replace products like Lysol for a safer more germ free home.

When you purchase a Chanson water ionizer you get both miracle waters (antioxidant for drinking and acid for external); each on its own is worth twice the cost of the system. Personally, I have been ripped off on every type of pill and powder over the years, looking for better health and sports performance. In contrast, the Chanson water ionizer was the absolute best money I have ever spent, and I would not give mine up for any reason. Acid water can be produced at levels that disinfect on contact; and there are over 500 uses for such water. The Sheraton Hotel in Los Angles uses it to clean in their hotel.