Saturday, July 24, 2010

What Use Wife?

Luke Ford writes:

First, I want a girl to save my life. Remember when we were driving north on the Pacific Coast Highway Nov. 8? I passed a car and was steaming ahead, not realizing I was in the lane for the southbound traffic. A car was approaching and I did not think about it. You tapped the dashboard on the right and said, “Move over right now.”

And I did. And then I realized what had happened. You had saved my life.

I’m blind in a lot of ways. I say and do a lot of risky and self-defeating and dangerous things. I need help.

Imagine you’re in Commanche country and dozens of Commanches have surrounded you and they want to take your scalp and rape you and leave you dead. If you are one person, you’re always going to have your back turned on some Commanches. But if there are two of you, each one of you can cover 180 degrees of Commanches.

That’s what a relationship is about. You each take 180 degrees of Commanches and protect each other from getting scalped and raped.