Thursday, January 10, 2008

I've Launched Some New Blogs

I don’t have an entrepreneurial bone in my body. This is all very awkward for me. I want to just write and to know I’ve got at least $500 a week coming in.

I feel like I am running in a circle.

In 1995, I realized that my odds of making it as a working actor were tiny. I subscribed to all these make-money-through-mail-order programs and gorged on the self-help teachings of such gurus as Tony Robbins.

Jay Abraham seemed like the best of the mail-order teachers but I never made any money. I only lost money. I spent my last remaining dollars and then realized I needed to write a book and I should support myself through temp work until my ship came in.

Twelve years later, I’m reading endless reports on how to make money online. I’m studying Jay Abraham again.

I am so desperate that I listened for 75 minutes this afternoon to a "webinar" on "How to Make 2008 Great with Real-World Action Steps and Techniques."

Most of it was a critique of "The Secret." We were given these visualization exercises for picturing the type of life we want.

I hate that stuff. That’s not me. I’m a hardbitten cynical reporter. The only things I visualize are things that are against the Torah.


Well, at least I built ten websites on blogger today and stuck three Google Adsense templates on each of them.

I hate this! This is not the life I envisioned for myself. I should be able to write about my feelings and have the money flow in. I should simply paint my exquisite soul and have women swoon over my blog. I should send in RSVPs for film premieres and get back grateful replies. Instead I get silence.

I scream into the void. I stop. I listen. I hear nothing.


Wait, I hear you. I hear voices in my head. I see dead people…

I am getting some feedback. Thank you for the tips on making money online and letting me know what I’m doing right and wrong.

I’m not the type of chap who has good judgment. I suspect I’m doing things right and wrong but I only truly know this when I receive feedback from people I respect and that feedback pings with a tiny chord of common sense buried deep beneath my narcissism.