Monday, October 10, 2005

The Humiliation Continues

Apparently I'm a girl.

Here's my picture. Does that look like a girl to you, Bill?

I didn't think so. Thanks for the compliment about my writing, though.

Of course, I know full well just how worthless male compliments are when the intended recipient is a woman, or thought to be a woman. This is not to say that men lie to women, although we do (a lot); it's more a comment on male gullibility.

A year or so ago there was a controversy about the lack of big name female bloggers. Male writers, supposedly, were failing to link and promote the many talented women political bloggers. At least this is what some women (i.e., lesbians) thought.

A lot of women (and not just lesbians) don't understand the male mind. As if men are going to ignore women who write about politics (or sports, or computers, or cars). Ever heard of Michelle Malkin? Or consider the case of Libertarian Girl. A young man worked very hard on his political blog for months on end. But he just couldn't generate traffic. So he decided to call himself "Libertarian Girl," added a picture of a blonde woman (from a Russian mail order bride service), and immediately his hit total went through the roof. Why? Because men are stupid.

I had a similar experience a few years ago. I was watching a reality show and started to post comments on a message board. I thought my comments were interesting and thoughtful, but hardly anyone seemed to agree. I'd start a new thread and ... nothing. I was being ignored. I hate that!

So, as an experiment, I created a new account with a female name. I started posting exactly the same kind of observations and, as if by magic, other posters (i.e., men) started to respond enthusiastically to my comments, saying how interesting and thoughtful they were. It didn't stop there, though. Some started emailing me to compliment me on my perceptiveness. One creep even wanted me to go over to his place and ...


Men are gullible, stupid, and gross.

Why do women put up with us? Perhaps because we enjoy spending money on them. I'd really be interested to find out how much money Michelle Malkin makes from her blog. I bet she doesn't live in a hovel.

Men are incredibly foolish when it comes to women and money. There's even a columnist for a weekly magazine in Orange County (who will go nameless, but here's a pic), who constantly asks men to send her money and presents. And guess what? They do! Why? Because men are gullible, stupid, gross, and pathetic.

You'd think lots of men would start political blogs pretending to be attractive young women, complete with bogus pictures. Just add a Paypal button and ... easy money. I'm sure of it.

This was my mistake, because I'm still waiting for Luke Ford to pay me the $100 (actually, I think it's now up to $140) that he owes me for guest blogging. He's giving me the run around. Now he tells me he just doesn't have the money to pay me. This is an outrage! How can someone who goes on one fabulous vacation after another (London, Paris, and Florida), turn around and say he can't pay his guest bloggers? Next week he'll probably announce that he's going on a year-long world cruise, and taking a half-a-dozen teenage girls with him.

I really think that you (Bill), me, and Al should get together and launch a class action lawsuit. It's the only way we'll get paid ... unless we're prepared to undergo sex change operations.

-- by the Luke Ford Fan Blogger