Wednesday, February 02, 2005

A Twisted Mind

Bat Dina writes:

Reasons and excuses my abuser gave:
You're not married and men are allowed to have more than one wife according to the Torah (Bible), so technically it's not wrong for me to do this. My wife never needs to know.

You're very pretty and I'm attracted to you. Your attraction is compounded by the fact that you're so modest and so religious, so I saw you as hard-to-get and that was enticing.

I would masturbate anyhow, so you're not really causing me to "spill my seed".

You never need to tell anyone about it, it should stay just between us. Even if you do tell one or two people, no one will find out since people don't talk Lashon Hara (deragotory speech, even if true).

You can still get married and have a perfectly fine relationship with your husband. We can keep doing this right up until you get married, even after you get engaged. There is no reason to tell your husband.

You really want this, it feels good. This is a safe place to explore your sexuality.

I love you, that's why I'm doing this. I want to give you pleasure. I'm helping you become a better person by "working out" your sexual issues before you get married.

Kids, don't try these lines at home without adult supervision.